Creativity and Innovation

Anything that you can imagine can be realized by OPAC!

Do you have an idea for a peculiar cosmetic range? OPAC is the ideal partner to help you create it.

Do you have a range of products that you would like to enhance with a wet-wipe product, or does your product need a non-woven fabric form to make it the best it can be? Then OPAC can help you to create it.

Thanks to its support from prestigious suppliers of raw materials, and its collaboration with universities and research laboratories, our Research and Development department will know what kind of solution will best suit your needs.

Formula innovation

Our Marketing and Research & Development departments are always looking for innovative and differentiating formulations, in order to anticipate market trends and inspire creative solutions in response to the needs of modern consumers.
We create specific and one-of-a-kind formulas, taking care of all the small details of every element of our lotions:

  • Fragrances: researching the most suitable fragrance for every application and for its target market; allergen-free scents or made from natural ingredients;
  • Surfactants: the most delicate and dermatologically compatible ones are chosen, and they are also made from natural ingredients;
  • Preservatives: constantly researching specific preservation systems for every type of application and target market, as well as high-tolerance preservatives;
  • Functional active ingredients: ranging from high-tech and patented molecules to natural active ingredients, essential oils, and plant-based waters, to guarantee maximum effectiveness and specific characteristics for different uses;
  • Water: demineralised and suitable for high-quality cosmetic preparations.
Formula innovation


We have always been highly attentive to how we package our products, taking into consideration its practicality, ease of use, shelf visibility, environmental impact, safety, and preservation. The purchasing and repurchasing of our products depend on these factors.

When combined with passion, creativity, a visionary approach, and the innovative spirit of OPAC, collaborating with the best suppliers and some of the most prestigious research institutions and associations allows us to offer specific and distinctive solutions that respond to the requirements of modern consumers. The company is able to create and personalise various formats for even the most varied of needs. This is also thanks to the expertise of the OMET Group: ranging from individually wrapped products to family-pack options, which can either be interfolded or crossfolded, from innovative pads available in containers or flow pack packaging to specifically shaped products for certain areas of application (eyes, lips…), and from gloves made out of non-woven fabric to sachets of liquids.


Fabric innovation

Non-woven fabric is a functional part of a product’s application, and every product’s form is adapted and contributes in the best possible way to ensure its effectiveness.

Collaborating with highly qualified suppliers and research institutions allows us to offer innovative and differentiating fabrics. To give a few examples: mixed fabrics or those made out of 100% natural, biodegradable, and compostable fibres, extra-soft and sponge-like fabrics, exfoliating or slightly abrasive fabrics, mesh fabrics, and flushable fabrics.

Applying a product properly sometimes requires a certain kind of form. OPAC therefore also offers disk-shaped pads, gloves, shaped fabrics for specific uses, and masks.

Fabric innovation