O-PAC completes the acquisition of Wet Wipes International

The O-PAC company, leader in wet wipes production since 30 years, announces the completion of the acquisition of the Wet Wipes International company (Czech Rep.), already controlled in joint venture since 2017.

Wet Wipes International (WWI), with over 14 million turnover and 110 employees in 2018, produces and sells wet wipes based near Prague. The complementarity of the two companies constitutes a solid basis for a strong commercial synergy: WWI works on simpler and cheaper products than O-PAC, especially in the infant/child sector and in personal hygiene. Geographically, it is a strategic production center at European level, with an important presence in Central and Eastern Europe.

“Thanks to the joint venture, in previous years O-PAC has been able to respond more effectively to the market needs, increasing volumes and taking advantage of economies of scale on purchases of raw materials – says Antonio Bartesaghi, OMET Group President -. Now, with 100% of the property, we will be able to complete the process of streamlining the organization, which is indispensable in an increasingly competitive market. The background of experience and resources of the OMET Group will be the basis for the improvement of the production processes, the product range and the services “.

“The completion of the acquisition – adds Bartesaghi – has allowed us to include in recent months a plant manager selected and trained by us, who is already having an excellent collaboration with the existing staff, with an improvement in the company climate and an opening to change. The commercial area is also managed by a new sales manager. People understand that we are working to improve efficiency and organization, and are in tune with our growth goals. “