OPAC: a structural reorganization for an even better service

Ever since 1989 OPAC has been operating in the world of cosmetics. It originally started its business as a specialist in wet wipes for third parties, which are till today, designed, formulated and produced entirely in-house. In 2014, it expanded its business in dermo-cosmetic products, thus becoming a complete partner that provides its customers with a comprehensive service in the world of skincare, hygiene and toiletries.

OPAC today collaborates with the most important brands in the field of cosmetics, pharmaceutics and retail industries in Europe.

To provide a more targeted and timely service to different types of customers, the company implemented an internal restructuring by business units with dedicated and specialized staff:

  • The Industry&Retail Business Unit caters to retailers, specialized, parapharmacies and industry, excluding cosmetic and pharmaceutical ones;
  • The CosmoPharma Business Unit is dedicated to cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, perfume chains, pharmacies, herbalists.

OPAC is a total solutions provider for any project in the world of hygiene, cleaning and beauty, by following the customer in every step. The service is structured indicatively on 3 models, which differ in the completeness and depth of the service itself:

  1. The “Co-Development model” includes each phase of product development, from the concept to the choice of materials, to graphics and production, passing through for the necessary laboratory tests and certifications;
  2. The “Tailor-Make model” starts from product ranges already tested, adapted to the customer’s needs;
  3. The “Ready-To-Go model”, where the customer chooses the product or the range among the existing ones, on which eventually applies a minimum adaptation.

Whatever you need, O-PAC makes it possible.

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