We provide a vast selection of personal care and hygiene formulas, including toiletries, cleansers, and functional cosmetics. 

Our range includes face, eye, lips, body, hand, feet, and hair products. We can meet the needs of every customer based on the distribution channeltarget audience, and physical or virtual on-shelf positioning.

Our range of products includes every formulation and different textures to obtain distinctive sensory effects. 

fondo skin texture en

Each product has a specific function, so you will always have a range that can combat different blemishes and meet different needs.

  1. Mr Skin – a range of products for men 
  2. Sunscreens – a complete range of before and after sun products
  3. Anti Pollution Factor – three face creams with three protection factors 
  4. Hand range – a complete hand care range 
  5. Hybrid products – a range of products halfway between skincare and make-up.
  6. Biome Beauty – a range that takes care of skin microbiome
  7. Cleansers – a range of face and body cleansers