Continuous innovation 

The OPAC Skincare research and development department develops the best solutions in collaboration with universities and research laboratories. As a result, every formulaformatdosage form, and packaging is perfectly made down to the smallest detail. 

You’ll be amazed! 

The word “texture” comes from the Latin “textere” (“to weave”) and indicates so much more than just the sensory effect of a formulation. For us at OPAC, a texture is a way to describe the complexity of a composition, be it a photo, a painting, or a skincare formula. Here at OPAC, we “weave” our compositions, creating unique textures like no other to the touch, nose, and eye.

We carefully research and assess each of the 5 key elements of each formula to strike the perfect balance between performance and sensory appeal. These five elements are the following:

  • Active ingredients
  • Fragrances
  • Preservatives
  • Rheological modifiers 
  • Surfactants/emulsifiers
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