OPAC Wet Wipes provides industry and distribution clients with 3 levels of service

  • Co-Development
  • Tailor-made
  • Ready-to-go

Different levels of service also mean different time-frames to complete the projects. But for all levels, products can be delivered in bulkfull-service, contract packed, or you can outsource formula components to us. ​


6-8 months

Full partnership 
Wipes are co-created with the client, including concept, lotion, material (fabric, packaging), graphic design, regulatory requirements, laboratory tests, production, logistics, merchandising, and after-sales service.


3-6 months

Tailored to your needs 
You can choose the products you want from our range of formulas, and we’ll tailor them to your needs, customising active ingredients, fragrances, and packaging. We’ll develop your product with tested formulas, and we’ll take care of production, logistics, merchandising, and after-sales. ​


1-3 months

Choose and launch 
With this service, you can choose one or more products from our portfolio and ask for minor customisations, such as the label. 
If you’re in retail, we can make no-brand wipes for a quick launch, and then you can assess on-shelf turnover. 

And if you need to launch your product immediately, we can provide a range of our branded products.