We at OPAC can make products for all consumer segments and uses, with different lotion textures, functional ingredients, and packaging features.

In addition to classic flow-pack wipes, we can provide fabric pads and under-eye patches, face masks, and shaped beauty patches for specific applications. 

What you get is always highly innovative and creative products conceived with a competitive mindset and a short time to market 

OPAC prodotti salviette

Cosmetics and treatments

Wipes aren’t just for cleansing the skin or removing make-up but also a vehicle for targeted cosmetic treatments for skin, lips, eye contour, nails, and hair. Here are some of our most popular products: 

  1. Oily make-up removers
  2. Face peel masks
  3. Charcoal detox mask
  4. Fabric face masks
  5. Micellar water cleanser
  6. Glitter wipes 
  7. Anti-wrinkle under-eye patchesh

Personal care and hygiene

Personal care and hygiene formulas for children, adults, and older people for home and travel use. Here are some of our formulas:

  1. Hand sanitiser (PT1 biocide)
  2. Deodorant
  3. Post-workout
  4. Bathing wipes (even for older or bedridden people)
  5. Scrub wipes 
  6. Feminine hygiene (for different needs and ages)
  7. Toilet tissue wipes
  8. Hair wipes 
  9. After-wax wipes
  10. Oral hygiene

Baby care

We have a vast range of baby and toddler lotions: 

  • Nappy changing (Basic, Sensitive, Premium, and Eco) 
  • Baby liniment
  • Washcloths
  • Baby oil 
  • Eye wipes
  • Breast wipes
  • Pacifier sanitiser
  • Nose wipes
  • Cleanser 99.9% made from water
salviettine bimbo wet wipes for baby
OPAC salviette cura animali petcare wipes

Pet care

Our formulas are made with special ingredients and fragrances to protect our furry friends’ delicate senses.

  • Pet cleanser 
  • Sanitiser
  • Anti-odour 
  • Insect repellent 
  • Eye wipes 
  • Ear wipes
  • Oral hygiene

Home and laundry care

Effective formulas for every washable surface both inside and outside the home in addition to laundry additives:

  • Surface disinfectant (PT2 biocide)
  • Kitchen degreaser
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Floor cloths
  • Wooden floor and parquet detergent
  • Window and mirror cleaner
  • Hi-tech surfaces
  • Leather and accessories cleaner
  • Colour catcher sheets 
  • Scented dryer sheets 
  • Laundry scent booster
  • 5in1 laundry sheets
  • Colour reviver 
  • Powdered fabric dye
wipes prodotti salviette casa
wipes prodotti salviette auto

Cars and motorbikes

Special wipes for car interiors and motorbikes:

  • Dashboard wipes
  • Windscreen wipes
  • Leather care
  • Upholstery wipes
  • Wheel and chrome cleaner 
  • Insect removers
  • Hand degreasers
wipes prodotti eco e bio

Eco-friendly and organic products

Our lotions, fabrics, and packaging are natural and sustainable, protecting people’s skin and the environment. 

  1. Lotions with more than 90% of naturally-derived ingredients 
  2. ICEA, Cosmos, and Bios certifications
  3. Lotion without harmful ingredients 
  4. Plant-based, compostable, biodegradable, and flushable fabrics
  5. 100% recyclable mono-material packaging