FullCycle Anti-Ox Booster: winner of the Coup de Coeur du Jury!

Today being sustainable within the cosmetic field is a must, but being 100% upcycled is the real challenge.

OPAC constant research for innovative formulations led to the development of an out-of-the-ordinary skincare treatment which won the Coup de Coeur du Jury at MakeUp in Paris 2022.

An antioxidant emulsion with a whole formulation matrix (i.e. rheological modifier, texturizer, emollient, humectants, fragrance) based on the upcycle concept: namely consisting of recycled ingredients coming entirely from nutrient-rich plant leftovers too good to be wasted and thus upcycled into unique & innovative cosmetic ingredients without compromising quality or effectiveness.

The perfect solution to reduce the impact on the environment and to start taking proactive and sustainable steps in the beauty routine. A 360° eco-friendly approach supported also by the packaging system: an innovative airless packaging in PCR or GREEN PE.