Our philosophy  

Sustainability and environmental protection are at the centre of OPAC’s philosophy, driving us to develop high-quality products without ingredients that harm humans and the environment.  

Over the years, the idea of sustainability has expanded beyond research and development into packagingcompany and product certificationscorporate policiesproduct use and end of life. That’s why we are constantly researching and integrating new sustainable solutions.  

Product sustainability 
Comprehensive product vision 

All our lotions are natural and clean label, which means:  ​

  • A high percentage of naturally derived ingredients (ISO 16128)​
  • Priority to plant, natural, and renewable ingredients
  • A short INCI name, synonymous with select, safe, functional ingredients and the absence of any harmful ones
  • Possibility of earning environmental and sustainability certifications 

We are constantly researching and developing new tissues that: 

  • Reduce plastics ​
  • Are natural ​
  • Are compostable ​
  • Are biodegradable​
  • Are flushable (EDANA and INDA guidelines, 2018)

The recyclable and practical packaging for our wipes and dermocosmetic products allows us to reduce plastics while meeting the highest safety standards, which translates into: 

  • Less plastic for film and labels 
  • Fully recyclable mono-material film 
  • Trays 100% made of recycled plastic 
  • Cardboard boxes with up to 100% recycled fibres 
  • Green PE obtained from sugar cane, a renewable and recyclable raw material. 

Corporate sustainability 

We at OPAC are committed to making safe and sustainable products and working ethically and sustainably. And this involves several aspects, including the following: 

Supply chain and quality 

Compliance with the latest and most stringent Italian and international quality standards 
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22716 certifications  
Procurement chain control 
Supply chain certifications (Nordic Ecolabel, PEFC, FSC, RSPO) 

Sustainability policies 

Social responsibility  
Code of ethics

Environmental aspects

Controlled production waste disposal 
Reduced emissions and selection of renewable energy 
Separate waste disposal 
Wastewater measurement and control

Marketing e communication

Clear and truthful environmental claims 
Consistent environmental commitment and communication 
Cooperation with non-profits and charities 
Environmental awareness campaigns

Consumption and end-of-life 

Clear indications on how to avoid waste and mistakes on the packaging 
Indications for recycling the packaging correctly 
Reduction of secondary packaging 
Easy-to-dispose-of packaging 

Full commitment to the environment for a better future

Human-generated CO2 is the main cause of global warming.  
Here at OPAC, we are constantly choosing renewable energy to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption (TOE, tonnes of oil equivalent). 

Here are our figures for 2020

TOE/year: 1.86
Tonnes of CO2 not released in the atmosphere: 4.38 
Thousands of equivalent trees planted: 0.29

2021 goals

TOE/year: 9.63
Tonnes of CO2 not released in the atmosphere: 22.66 
Thousands of equivalent trees planted: 1.51 

Awards and acknowledgements 

In 2020, OPAC was awarded the certification for using 100% renewable energy.

In 2019 and 2020, OPAC received the CONAI eco-friendly packaging award for “the most innovative and environmentally sustainable packaging solutions on the market”.